Instructor: Christine Huchthausen


Middle school and high school students (ages12+) are invited to join a first year German class for the 2017/18 school year. The plan, Lord willing, is to offer second-year German in 2018/19 to provide the opportunity for two years of high school foreign language credit.

In my life before kids and homeschooling, I taught German and English for nine years in a Christian high school.

It has been my desire to teach my own teenage daughters German and would love for them to have classmates with whom they can interact, speak and be accountable. If we have at least six students we will meet at the Guthrie Farm; if we have fewer than six, we will meet at our home.

Both locations are close to the intersection of Route 9 and Berlin Parkway, about four miles north of Purcellville. I will charge $300 plus a supply fee (TBD) for a two-hour class for 30 weeks (mid August- May) on Tuesday mornings.

Students must commit to spending at least 1 hour per day outside of class studying, memorizing and completing assignments. I will grade homework assignments, administer weekly quizzes/tests and give semester grades to put on high school transcripts. If interested, please e-mail me, Christine Huchthausen, at or call 540-233-3214.


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